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sunny 30 °C


Welcome aboard the Carnival Splendor!


complete with 3 pools, water slide, jogging track, mini golf, basketball court, gym and SPA, 4 restaurants, 4 buffets, night club, casino, shopping, 14 stories high and too many bars to keep count.

As the subheading suggests... we drank... alot and this is because the first thing we found on board was a drink deal for $300 you could get unlimited drinks for the entire week... we put that special to the test... I think we lost... In the form of hangovers but definitely got our moneys worth!


there just my receipts for a night, Alana had the same amount!

We did sleep in untill 1pm the next day I might add, but to our defense, we still had a bit of jetlag.. There was no time for that there was too much good food to be eaten and to much alcohol to be drunk!
The second day was a recovery day and we went to a adult comedy show that night!

We had Cabo to look forward to tomorrow and we were getting anxious.... We decided not to book any shore excursions and just wing it there. Spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the rest of the ship and found a spot that said you couldnt climb. Of course, Bryan couldnt resist!


Day 3: We got up early, (surprising...) and headed on the tender boats that took us to the Cabo Marina.



We wandered around for a bit and checked out the flea markets and every word we said, was, "No thank you" as the Mexicans try to sell you stuff, "You like?" "Special price... Almost free... " Haha - Reminded us alot of Bali though they speak in Spanish and the fact that its so much more expensive!

After saying "No" to every guy that was trying to get us to go on their tour, we played the game and bartered a good price to do a tour out to the beaches and rock formations that was only accessible by sea. We went to some awesome beaches, they were called Lovers Beach - appropriate ;) and then the guy was telling us that they have their own individual names for some of them. There was 2 secluded beaches and they called them Honeymoon beach and Divorce Beach. We saw heaps of wild sea lions and colourful fish and heaps of amazing rock formations so much potential.... Bryan was in heaven! He did some climbing at one of the cool caves we found on Lovers Beach and got some great pictures.


I must say Alana is getting pretty good with the new camera! good shots babe!

but on the way in I had already spotted a line I wanted to tackle


A rock formation called Neptunes Finger

was a bit spewing I couldn't climb any higher because I had no shoes on but oh well was awesome fun none the less.
From what i know they would all be first ascent lines i doubt many climbers travel through here.

after I had my fun we relaxed on the beach for another hour or so untill our boat came back to pick us up and take us back to the main land


then we found an awesome bar called senior frogs!


a nice place to have a few beers with good food and good music


and then you find out tequila shots are $1.00

Drink, Drank, Drunk

Things got a little messy ;) hahaha Bryan 'had' to add this photo..........

We headed back to the ship and that night was a big one party on the ship untill the sun came up!

The next day, Bryan was hungover and Alana had food poisoning... Well I'm not sure if that was what it was, but it wasnt a hangover.. I just felt sick all day and couldnt eat. It was horrible....

We hardly even went outside...Thats the thing, in an interior cabin, it is pitch black and you cannot tell what time it is so unless you set alarms or wake up calls, you can sleep all day!

That night Bryan surprised me with a bottle of wine, chocolate coated strawberries and a long stem rose for our anniversary...
What a sweetie ;)
Even though he was hungover he organised something special. We had a nice night at dinner and retired early...


Day 4: PUERTO VALLARTA to look forward to!

I had a wake up call at 730am to have a Spa Treatment on the ship before we got off.
Afterward we had breaky then headed down to get off the ship at the port....
It was freezing on the boat so I put a long sleeve top on.... Regretted it as soon we got off as the humidity hit me in the face! Big mistake..
was 35 degrees....


welcome to Puerto Vallarta


Anyway we collected maps and caught a $3 shuttle into the town.
We explored around for a while, checking out shops, buying a few souvenirs etc. Bryan bought a 'authentic' Cuban Cigar and I bought a handbag as my other one broke :(


We then bartered a taxi driver to take us to Mismiloya, where the famous beaches were and 'Los Arcos' which are these caves and rock formations only accessible by sea.


We set ourselves up on deck chairs and ordered ourselves a Corona and some mexican. The water wasnt as nice as Cabos to swim, we both agreed. We also agreed that the Mexican food over here isn't the same as back home. We don't like it as much!


From where you'd rather be..... suckers....

We then decided to make our way back to the ship to drink some more, as our drinks were waiting ;)
We met some other people from our cruise and they had already organised a tour and return transfer. We made friends with them, they were all American, travelling with 40 different people from their church... We only found this out after we were telling them stuff about Australia, travelling and probably some stuff you wouldnt tell 'bible basher/churchie' (Bryans words....)
They were all really nice... We joked around with telling them we ride Kangaroos to school... and Koalas fall out of trees and attack you so you have to be careful.... Haha

DSC_0714.jpg there was even the "authentic" Australian beer fosters on board which we had never seen in australia....

Anyways we made it make to the ship and continued the party....
Met a whole group of gay people tonight...... It was really wild and fun.... until we realised that one of the boys.... Justin Bieber look alike, looked like he was hitting on his sister.... that was a massive fuck up...

2nd last day on the cruise was another hang over... shitty weather cold and windy found our selfs running around the ship doing trivia and other silly games just to keep the boredom away!
we ended up going to an art auction just to have a look, ended up winning an artwork in a raffle!
and then we managed to buy a $4000, 4 piece art collection by Peter Nixon.... (wow really did we just do that?!) ssshhhiiitttt.....

last day on ship was torture waiting for ever to get off then in customs gone back to uncle bills for some much needed sleep!

next stop yosemite and san fran

3... 2... 1... cya!

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getting lost in LA

sunny 26 °C

After an awesome sleep in till 11:00, we decided to take the beast of a SUV we borrowed of alanas uncle bill out for a spin
to check out down town LA and Hollywood.


and hit major traffic....


then got totally lost driving around, managed to pull out of an intersection to the left hand side of the road... which was all
good and fine untill you realise there is oncoming traffic that way over here!! ill check that one off the list. Until we finally ended up here. Not quite LA downtown and Hollywood like the original destintation, but not to worry, Santa Monica was on the list to do.


Santa Monica Pier! rides, hot dogs thousands of people and they even had a car show on the pier. Bonus!



Had breakfast on the esplanade, Alana had pancakes with bacon...?! Which I find to be a weird combination but apparently its normal..? damn americans, lol.
Alana dragged me round all the shops.... We found a Victoria's Secret, which made her day haha and even managed to get some stuff for me, but we decided to bail because it was getting dark and we had no idea how to get home!


1 hour later we finally made it.

we off on our cruise tomorrow down to mexico time to get our drink on! we will check back in some time next week!

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3am starts...

overcast 24 °C


Brisbane airport... 3am coffee hits... soo good.

And we are off, our flight ended up leaving 1/2 an hour early, lucky we got here when we did, alana managed to sleep the whole way to sydney.

Land in sydney get some food, stuff around a bit and have to run to our connecting flight making the final boarding call, haha.
We still had enough time for a sneaky "free" shot of belvedere though ;)


finally on the plane and heading to LA 14 hours.... 2 screaming babys sitting in front of us...


Arrive into LA.... Worst flight, either of us have had about 3hrs sleep in the last 24hrs and we have the battle of trying to stay awake until the evening to set our body clocks and reduce jetlag.

3 flights land into LAX at the same time.... Clearing customs is absolute TORTURE.... exactly what you look forward to after a long haul flight.
We finally jump on the shuttle and make our way to the San Fernando Valley where my uncle is to collect us.

We have a lovely detour on the way home via Trader Joes to get some food.... Both starving! And its a health food store so we were stoked to stock up on some food.

We get home and settle in with the 9 dogs that he has who own the house... haha
Really nice place! Bryan's Pet hate of little dogs... haha they are all small, yappy little ones

(nice Pad)

Then we decide to go for a drive.... Shotty not, so Bryan puts his hand up. We get lost straight up trying to backtrack haha and I got fired from music duty, because we couldnt find good tunes to listen to. In the end we found a good station and arrived to WALMART.

Bryan was disappointed with Walmart and thought it would be better...... Was pretty fun...

OH and guess what julia!! i found some "cool whip" hahaha thought of you straight away ill will get you a picture soon!

I must say he did a great job with the driving... I would have been flustered at the first intersection, turning against the traffic as we are used to and making sure to stay on the right side of the road! Literally :)

Anyway we are off to dinner now, Mexican then a good nights sleep so we can explore LA downtown tomorrow :)

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Hectic day - start to the trip!

So basically its 10:22pm, night before take off and I'm still trying to fix my iphone. Fml. I have been trying to get it working all day because I wanted to have it unlocked for when we arrive.. Long story short I killed "it" in the process.. So instead of getting some precious shut eye, I have all my fingers and toes crossed, hoping that it is almost done! Got my priorities right... Who needs sleep... I mean seriously...
PS. Bryan is currently snoring in the background...

5 hrs till we leave Julia's to head off on this amazing adventure....

I must admit, today has been so stressful I havent had time to actually think.... Holy hell, my dream and lifelong adventure begins tomorrow!
I am starting to get a tad excited especially now that I know my phone will be resurrected and my trip will be complete!! hahaha

Bryan "What do you need it for"
Me ................. Long pause... "Just everything" - [Thinking to myself] #doesntunderstand #wholedreamtripisruined #lol
Bryan [Shakes head] CLEARLY doesnt understand....
Me "I cannot leave him behind! (sad face) "

I also realised if I dont get it working then I would be stuck listening to all Bryans tunes for the entire duration...
Hmmmmm so hence the staying up....

Anyways GOOD NEWS everybody......
iphone is up and running!!!! So happy right now.... Guess its off to bed for some shut eye...

See you on the other side....
[When we land in Los Angeles]


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